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Seasoned Career and Talent Management Professional

Susan Chang

I am a seasoned career and talent management professional with over 20 years of combined experience in career coaching, human resources, counseling and social work. As an adjunct faculty and career coach, I have coached college students and professionals at all levels of their careers from entry level to executive roles. As a human capital leader, I developed and executed on human resource strategies for companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 and spanning across various industries including health care, hospitality, retail, technology, and manufacturing. I have implemented and led all facets of Human Resources including talent acquisition, talent management, training and development, employee relations/engagement, benefits design and administration, developing employee handbooks and performance management tools, evaluating and designing compensation plans, and implementing and managing HRIS. I am a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and MBTI Certified Practitioner. I also have a Certificate in HR Management from UCI and completed a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Northwestern University and a Bachelors in Psychology with a Business Minor from UCLA.
SaaS Product Leader, Author

Rob Feinstein

Chief Marketing Officer, ThoughtExchange

Lauren Kelly

Chief People Officer & General Partner, Operate Studio

Mallory Maske

Executive Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Consultant and Author, MPath Coaching

Manisha Dhawan

Head of Consultant Success, TeamSight

Chris Gordon

Founder, YOSD Consulting

Nitya Kirat

Commercial Real Estate Advisor, Cresa

Isabella Zelinger

Senior Manager, Equity Research

Kris De Pedro, Ph.D.

Speaker, Improviser, Facilitator of Fun at Improvly Speaking

Dayna Gowan

Founder, Advisor, Investor, Growth/GTM, TAP Group

Lorenzo Santos

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CEO Spotlight

Chief Advocacy Officer, Co-Founder, Alteryx

Libby Duane Adams

CEO and Founder, Ephesoft, Inc.

Ike Kavas

CEO, Helio Genomics

Justin Chen Li

CEO, President and Board Member, Vibrato Medical, Inc.

Juliana Elstad

Company Group Chairman, Cardiovascular Specialty Solutions and Johnson and Johnson Vision

Shlomi Nachman

President, City of Hope OC

Annette Walker

Member Board of Directors, Anthem

Julie Hill

CEO, Co-Founder, PathMatch

Nancy Soni

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