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Meet Kali Sanders who has broken every barrier and obstacle placed in front of her to be the woman she is today. Kali Sanders grew up in Huntington Beach, CA attending Huntington Beach high school where she found her love of engineering, getting a taste of all the possibilities that were out there. In 2016, Kali graduated high school and started her college journey at orange coast college, graduating in under 2 years with her associates in engineering. She did not stop there, she continued her education at California State University – Fullerton, in the college of computer science and engineering where she majored in mechanical engineering and graduated class of 2021. In the same year she landed a full-time role at microvention-terumo as an engineer 1 where she gets to make a difference in a person’s life every single day through launching, creating, and designing new processes and/or products. In her free time she enjoys giving back through volunteering in programs for at-risk teens, taking ice skating lessons, playing the violin, going for hikes, doing a thrill seeking activity, and binge watching her favorite tv show/movie for the 100th time. Her future is bright and this is only the beginning.