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  • I grew up in Long Beach, CA.
  • In my family, there are 5 of us including my mom, dad, younger sister, and younger brother. 8 of us if you want to include our 3 family dogs (malti-poos)!
  • Attended CSULB 2023, Mechanical Engineering, BS
  • I like to make digital art in my free time. I have made birthday cards, vinyl covers, t-shirts, and stickers of my artwork. My current project is to make ‘Happy Friday’ work shirts for my team. Everyone (me included) loves to greet each other in this way, so adding a shirt with a visual motto is something that will definitely add to the good vibes of a Friday afternoon! I am also a new runner and am slowly working my way up to run a marathon. So far, I’ve completed a 5k and will be completing my 10k in September. After that…a 10 mile race and a mud run!
  • My favorite Orange County experience has been visiting Salt Creek Beach. I enjoy the outdoors, and this spot has been the perfect spot to overlook a socal sunset in front of a nice and relaxing view. It has been a perfect picnic spot with friends and a beautiful place for me to wind down!